Lynx Bioscience offers the most advanced proteomics services for high content protein analysis. We provide contract research services for high-content protein identification and quantification from any species in any biological matrix to facilitate translational research. Whatever your protein analysis need is, be the analysis of entire proteomes or quantification of specific proteins, Lynx Bioscience has the right solution for you. With our market leading expertise in next-generation proteomics we are a strong partner to accelerate your research and development.
The Lynx Bioscience scientists is ready to support you and we are happy to develop a research plan with you, tailored to your research objectives.

Our projects are carried out in our state of the art proteomics facility. Should you wish to implement our methods in your in-house proteomics facility we assist you with method transfer and provide the needed reagents and bioinformatics tools. Depending on your research question Lynx Bioscience offers several proteomics platforms for your proteomics needs as described under each sub service section.